Dark Therapy-Echobelly

This song was already my favorite Echobelly song, from their X-album “On”- second? third? Seitz and I have had this discussion, but I forget. Less jaunty, more spacey, wall of soundish, and it’s about getting hypnotherapy so she could bring herself to eat meat again. I’m totally gonna sick that guy on Pop Ren. “Hey, Pop, he’s gonna make you think you’re a chicken” Pop: “COOL!” Pinko: “heh, heh, give him the full meat treatment, Mysterio!” Anyhoo, the video is actually also amazing, and perfectly matches the theme of the song. This is our recap to Seitz video week. I hope you enjoy it. Seriously, this one is really good.

7 Responses to “Dark Therapy-Echobelly”

  • i’d have made sonya eat my meat.

  • i cannae believe i just posted that.

  • I actually can’t believe it either. What about the awesome song? Do you trample all over that art with your commenting?

    POP, is there something in the water?

  • nothing is in the water and that may be the problem. sobriety doesn’t suit me.

  • This is the second album, and the first one that I bought.

    Any video that features a lot of Sonya is going to be pretty high on my list. My only regret is that I’ve never seen them live. They were supposed to play with Electrafixion about 10 years ago, but Mac got sick, the show got postponed, and Echobelly didn’t play the make up date.

    This is actually probably my fourth favorite album by them, but this song, King of the Kerb, and In the Year are all great songs.

    YouTube has the video for World is Flat, too, and that features lots of Sonya after all the promo shit at the beginning. Man, she just has an awesome voice, too. A true vocalist, as opposed to a singer. She really is about as hot as they get in my opinion. Even when she sings about impotence, she makes me want to listen.

  • Man, and that tight little outfit she wears in the “Great Things” video? I could watch that all day. Or at least for a few minutes at a time.

  • I just thought this was a great combination of the actual song, a great video and ahem, a great singer-

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