Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me – The Pipettes

First things first, the name of the band. It isn’t really possible that this English girl group might be talking about devices used to transfer liquids, is it? I mean, I love pipettes – especially the P20 ones. I’m guessing, though, that they thought it would be a cute little variation on pipes (the voice kind), but all feminized and cutesy. Doesn’t matter. Points for a good band name.

Just watch the video, which can be found here. In fairness, I found this track through our nemeses at doucheforkmedia, and their review of the track is pretty good. So read that instead of whatever inanity I come up with. But it’s all about the chorus. Holy sh*t, it’s good. It’s what would happen if the Go! Team worked on Unchained Melody. And better. The wall of sound™ is so good. Pinko should like this track, although I don’t know if the ’80s-obsessed kind will care for it. It’s new music for an older time.

[Alternatively, video is right here -ed.]:

10 Responses to “Your Kisses Are Wasted On Me – The Pipettes”

  • Like a nerdy Bananarama/Toni Basil cross- unapologetically retro, not to the 60s but the “Mickey”. There is no Wall of Sound on this track at all. I think it is pretty clear that Uncanny hates me!

    *thanks for posting though- I can honestly say that douchefork has reached its nadir.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Pinko, perhaps if you actually used something beyond tinny laptop speakers and listened to the chorus you would hear the notes that are actually there. The last refrain of the last chorus totally sends chills up my spine. I don’t know the explanation for your auditory deficit.

  • I think UC must have a different threshold for wall of sound™. I do love this song dearly and had just found it two weeks ago and had been debating buying the import but now that others have exposed my secret love I don’t have to do it.

    I actually like the final bits where they throw in the one girl singing along with everything else that is happening. I wish these kids had even a fraction of a chance of having a hit. That would be awesome.

  • I think he thinks Neko Case sings on the track!

    I am skeptical of this song, but they look like they are having fun in the video. I think this band could be cynically targeted at the loins of Pitchfork writers, daring them to veer into guilty pleasure. It’s basically a Toni Basil song, and since Fulsome loves it, I am more skeptical because of his love for ARchitecture in Helsinki.

    Also, I officially hate UC- I have discovered that he always plays the proggiest/oddest track by a band to me when introducing them to me, thus I have a skewed idea of what they sound like.

    Case in point: Fiery Furnaces.

    Last-FM has convinced me that Gallowsbird Bark is awesome. Thanks, cobag.

  • Perhaps the “ettes” is an homage to the Raveonettes, who’s retro schtick they sort of appear to be aping, at least in spirit. And I like the Raveonettes better.

    And they totally rock in concert.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Pinko, I sent you half the tracks to Blueberry Boat, including the less proggier ones. Gallowsbird Bark is really good, but not half as good as BB or EP. Perhaps you just prefer the greater simplicity of their stripped down songs, whereas I crave obfuscation.

  • You sent me one 12 minute track or prog wog.

  • The first seven or eight tracks of Blueberry Boat are very good. After that it gets hard to listen to. Still, it takes about six or seven listens, then a week or two off, for even those first seven or eight tracks to sink in.

    EP has some really good stuff that’s more accessible.

  • Oh, and I agree. The chick in the glasses is smokin’.

  • There is no wall of sound on the track at all, and on top of that- is that the Chumbawumba chick on the chorus- the song is fun and OK, but UC fell for every single suggestion that douchefork made- and their jedi mind tricks worked!

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