Dominion-Sisters of Mercy

So Pop MF Renaissance of his like-named blog, is off to see SoM tonight. These Goths were kind of the epitome of Goth- songs dripping with cold drama, never as hard as you imagined when you heard the term Goth- maybe you were thinking Visigoth? More morose than mopey, I love these guys. This is my fave Sisters tune here, relentless drum machine, heavy sounding ominous Andrew Eldritch being all obscure about something, the vid is awesome of course in I have to say going towards cheese way, but if you think of the time it is basically perfect. Normally this song segues into “Mother Russia” but you just get “Dominion” here. I have this off their A Slight Case of Overbombing comp, and I recommend it as a nice taste of their ouevre. Have fun at the show tonight, cobag, even though you saw them last month!

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  • Sisters of Mercy are on the Alternative at least twice a week. Maybe three times. I really don’t remember them being that popular the first time around. Sure, This Corrosion, More, and When You Don’t See Me got some radio play, but there wasn’t a whole lot more than that. They are deliciously campy and over the top, though.

  • You can add “Temple of LOve”, “Detonation Blvd” and occasionally “Lucfretia My Reflection” to the songs that got radio play. My guess is that the videos have some sort of production value that they like.

    Did I just have deja vu on this conversation?

  • Probably. My guess is that the dude who does the programming just loves SOM and Paul Weller.

  • i LOOOOOVE this video – totally over the top yet brilliant.

    there’s a huge renaissance for all things 80s that dressed in black. the fact the sisters are one of the only bands that are still around from that time helps a lot too.

    this vid didn’t get a hell of a lot of play, unless you were a 120 minutes watcher or a sisters freak (yes, my hand is raised). ‘this corrosion’ and ‘more’ were the big ones that everyone knew but this one just fucking kills. i agree that it needs the ‘mother russia’ segue for max effect, but even without it it’s still a huge, glacial epic.

    “And the fifty-two daughters of the revolution
    Turn the gold to chrome
    Gift…nothing to lose
    Stuck inside of memphis with the mobile home”

    anyone know the song that he’s playing with in the last line there?

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