You’re Gonna Miss Me-13th Floor Elevators/A Cold Night For Alligators-Roky Erickson

We have first some high quality Nuggets-era garage awesomeness, extra special for Gregor Samsa. We’ll follow it up tomorrow with some more from this seminal era. You know, scratchy voiced, maybe some organ, guitar, bass, some dudes playing in their garage and singing about getting laid or getting dumped. Without that “Canadian” proggo crap. These bands had five albums out in the time it took John Bonham to really get going on longer versions of “Moby Dick”. Obviously, the coolest part of the song is the electric jug thingy.

13th Floor Elevators-You’re Gonna Miss Me

Here’s the lead singer of the above band, noted Austinite Roky Erickson. He’s a little bit infamous, he’s added a decidedly horror movie feel to the garage stylings of his tunes, plus he was pretty screwed up by a stay in a mental hospital after a Marijuana bust at the end of the 60s. It is pretty shocking what they would do to people back then. The guy is great. Thanks to Gregor for the suggestion. Hope you enjoy it. I’m sure Norbiz has lots of stories of hanging out with the Rokester in the desert waiting for the alien probing.

Roky Erickson-A Cold Night For Alligators

6 Responses to “You’re Gonna Miss Me-13th Floor Elevators/A Cold Night For Alligators-Roky Erickson”

  • Timeless classic.
    Except for the lipsinking, which makes EVERY band look silly, they still look hip today.
    Just before the fringe jacket/bell bottom/I am a white indian/shaggy look schlepped onto the scene. In my mind, these guys are linked together w/Chocolate Watchband, the Seeds and Love as THE prime examples of the US garage rock scene right AS it turns towards psych. Maybe throw in the first Kaleidoscope record too.

  • shingles, why don’t you guest post some songs of the day- you have so much to share, and god damn do we need educatin’. SOme of us don’t have garages filled with records you know. WE need to be gently led down the garden path to bankruptcy inducing record collecting.

  • But I’m scared.

  • It’s the same as writing a comment, only you get to pick and explain why you chose it- AND if you have short samples, aif gave us an audioplayer. You can even tell people why 4:27 of some King Crimson song is the 3rd wankiets not of all time and in fact show people with the clip!

  • Hmm.
    You’ve got the brawn. I’ve got the brains. Let’s make lots of money.
    Metaphorically speaking.

    Pinko, you’re the wankiets!

  • It is strangely tempting though.

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