The Funeral-Band of Horses

Sort of a more direct My Morning Jacket. Smooth and a little bit rolling, slight metallic edge to his voice a la Modest Mouse. This may mean nothing to some of our readers, to them I will describe this addictive, hypnotic track as a basically elegiac f***-off song that is so comfortable in its defiance that you need to listen to it about 20 times in one day to come to the conclusion that that is indeed the case. See, the repeated chorus just tells you from the good side of the line dividing bombast and emotion “At every occasion I’ll be ready for the funeral” and it just hits, total resignation that bleeds into defiance. The stripped-down demo can be heard here. While still great, this is a more subtle version and seems more fragile as if the resignation has gotten the upper hand. I can’t stop listening to this tune. The rest of the album is like Shins on downers roadying for My Morning Jacket.

We have a video edit of the song below. This basically gives you 1/2 the goodness, because the repeat of the chorus allows a quite nice build that is lacking in the edit.

1 Response to “The Funeral-Band of Horses”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    That song is amazing, even in its edited form. The part with the ooh oohs makes me need to harmonize along in a way that usually only A Day in the Life from Sgt. Pepper’s can. This song is an instant classic

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