It’s A Long Way to the Top (If You Want To Rock and Roll)

Obviously AC-DC revel in a cess pool or “retarded teenage sexuality” but get this clip, the boys do the whole U2 “we’re on a flatbed doing a video” like 500 years prior and they don’t even give a sh*t about getting people out for the shoot. They make sure they get some bagpipers, natch, but adoring public? Nah, they’ll just meet ’em at the party later. RAWK and you love it as Angus sledgehammers your brain out with what should be third grade crunch, except why didn’t you think of them first? Oh yeah, he craps out chunkier simple-minded riffs that you ever could, you’d need a lobotomy to reach his level of primal riffage. And he does it in his sleep. Yes, the band has two songs, four hundred versions of essentially “Highway to Hell” and two versions of “Who Made Who”, the second one being “Thunderstruck.” It matters not one bit.

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