Head Over Heals-Tears for Fears

We quote ourselves from another time, over at Three Bulls!:

We detailed a party gone horribly awry, but we now can give visual evidence.

fulsome, locked in the guest bedroom, bemoans his fate. Unable to slip out, his attempts at killing the party with Death Cab for Cutie and Pictionary are to no avail. The rabble will not be soothed, nay, they clamor for blood. Saddened by his plight, he breaks out his treasure. A duct-taped Sony Sports Walkman with Auto-reverse (natch) and a mix tape from her- you know, the one with slightly mainstream but great taste, she who knew what a B-side was- she knew that fulsome would appreciate this, the third single from Songs from The Big Chair, and appreciate it unironically. See, she knew he thought of the video, placing himself in the role of the shy library patron unable to get up his courage. Little did Fulsome know the librarian was really teh l4m3, but little did fulsome’s crush know he secretly thought of the monkey.

Everything above is true. I will add that even though the band hired some stiff on keyboards to make them seem more rugged, does he even seem like he is in the same band? The other guy, not the lead singer, is there some reason he’s done up like the woman from Adam Ant’s “Goody Two Shoes” video? Oh yeah, it’s the awesome 80s. Sigh. I don’t want to go too overboard, but this song was Top 10 on the charts. Comparing it to the fractured and market researched, plastic pitch-shifted chunky farts that ooze over the airwaves today makes you think twice about a decently crafted toss-off third single from an arty pop English band.

2 Responses to “Head Over Heals-Tears for Fears”

  • Oh, awesome 80s! We’ve missed you. A place where “straight” men could wear dangly mono-earing and play in a band with a Hasidic looking Abe Lincoln. What a time for me to Relax and Don’t Do It!

    Is the monkey in the Red Sox shirt our UC?

    And curses for showing me the paper card catalog. I hate electronic card catalogs. There is no way for to be sure that teh, et. al. are not mucking with us and not programming around us having to look up obsecure things to find simple items. Before, I could access the paper cards and if it wasn’t on paper, it just didn’t exsist. The computer brought a netherworld that AG does not trust. Evil programmer exsists out there and s/he may just work at your local library. Proceed with caution, kids…

    I also want to thank the teh tehs of the world for then ripping up those paper cards and leaving them as an FU for me to use as ‘scrap paper’. That was quality, boyZ! Maybe that is why AG is so AG today. The effing torture of the ‘scrap papers’.

  • P.S. Fullie cakes, play anything you want. Just not that suck ass Brian Wilson or his pal Jimmy Buffet and their all star bands of zeros.

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