Reap the Wild Wind-Ultravox

An eighties New Romantic/New Wave confection. There is something about this song that I still really like. This version is more metallic and less warm than the compilation version. Definitely more 1983, but also more structured and bloodless in its way. The last 10 seconds or so are really the prefect ending for such a song. When songs know how to end I really respect that. Apparently Ultravox went way back to the mid-70s in another lineup not featuring Romantic poster-boy Midge Ure as this song does. You might also remember there ultra-dramatic yet quite minimalist “Vienna”.

Reap the Wild Wind-Ultravox

6 Responses to “Reap the Wild Wind-Ultravox”

  • This song is very Jr. High School dance.

  • Yeah, if your Junior High school were all KROQ-y. *sigh* and you guys prolly scored at your dances and we were all straightarmed dancing with each other.

  • You mean your Jr. high school dances weren’t all KROQ-y? Ours were non-stop OMD and such, if I remember correctly, which I probably don’t.

    And we straight arm danced in 6th grade, but that was over by 7th grade.

  • In Utah we were stuck in between KROQ-ish California stuff and the Rockers, so we had a weird mix. Plus we we sexually retarded by about 4 years due to domination of conservo religion.


  • John Foxx was the prior Ultravox frontman.
    Midge’s Ultravixenish appearance on the scene led to a brutal and Ultra-bloody civil war (dare I say, Ure-conflict) within the pages of many a pasty-faced synthpop dorkboy fanzine.

    That said, I kinda like this anthemic anthem.

  • I actually do like the tune a lot. This video mix is different than the version I have.

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