I Walk the Earth-King Biscuit Time/Kwangchow-King Biscuit Time

KBT is the side- now main-project of Beta Band frontman Stephen Mason. The difference between the two entities is minimal in sound, except that KBT can indulge in a less layered sometimes less organic or full sound as The Beta Band. The Betas were known as sampling sound collagists, kind of a Scottish Beach Boys hip hop psych pop collective. If you only know Beta Band from their randomly selected singles, you might want to dig deeper. I have found that some of their released singles are the most skippable tracks. What we have here is the King Biscuit Time “I Walk the Earth” from one of their two singles collected on an EP. It reflects their eclectic nature.

I Walk the Earth-King Biscuit Time

Stephen Mason has recorded an album as King Biscuit Time and the new single is below. Somewhat less lush that a Beta Band offering, but still very much of their ouevre. I love them and miss them. They just got tired of the slog. I don’t blame them. For being as interesting as they were they got no support in America at all. Many may know them from the inclusion of “Dry the Rain”, their most well known song, in the film High Fidelity (orignally from The Three EPs)

Kwangchow-King Biscuit Time

5 Responses to “I Walk the Earth-King Biscuit Time/Kwangchow-King Biscuit Time”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Hurray for King Biscuit Time. The new single sounds exactly like offspring of No Style and Heros to Zeros. I guess that is the predictable result. I still miss the more complex structure and arrangements of Beta Band.

  • I was just checking out Beta Band videos on YouTube yesterday. Hot Shots II is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard. They have a great live performance archived on Morning Becomes Eclectic at KCRW.org, too, with a really cool version of Dr. Baker.

  • Ooh, I’m on that, as you know we love Dr. Baker.

  • i just got 3 albums of beta band. i’m currently converting it to mp3 format to listen to it on the go. sounds good so far 🙂

  • aif, for you to remain in good standing at 3B! we need a comment from you on every song we post where it is possible for you to hear said song. Even if you hate it.

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