Underwhelmed (live)-Sloan

So several things about this Canadian geek rock ANTHEM. 1) Uncanny got a sunburn on the right side of his face from the massive hotness of the young woman adjacent to his person. She practically molested him with her heaving, perfect, geek-rock adoring bosom. No seriously. Her complete and perfect aesthetics made you feel like you were on television. She didn’t look real. 2) Thundercats boy in the crowd gets to play on the track, but cooly acts “like he’s been there before”. Thundercats dude, this is downstairs at the Middle East, you can cheeze-dog it up! Come on!! Do you know who is watching???? Also, the woman oppressing Uncanny with her totally awesome Britrocking bod at the Doves/Elbow show we went to one time may have been even more amazing, save for the cloud of cobag emanting from her smokery. I don’t know how the Uncanny One does it.

About the song, you should really listen to the words. The tears of 1200 Sadly,No! snarky boys went into this tune (lyrics reproduced below).

It’s just so g*ddamn*d true. Sigh. Geek boy am I.

She was underwhelmed, if that’s a word
I know it’s not, ’cause I looked it up
That’s one of those skills that I learned in my school

I was overwhelmed, and I’m sure of that one
’cause I learned it back in grade school
When I was young

She said, “You is funny”
I said, “You are funny”
She said, “Thank you”
and I said, “Nevermind”
She rolled her eyes
Her beautiful eyes

The point is not the grammar
It’s the feeling
That is certainly in my heart
But not in hers

But not in hers
But not in hers
But not in hers
But not in hers

We were talkin’ about people that eat meat
I felt like an ass ’cause I was one
She said, “It’s okay,” but I felt like
I just ate my young

She is obviously a person with a cause
I told her that I don’t smoke or drink
She told me to loosen up on her way to the L.C.

She skips her classes and gets good grades
I go to my courses rain or shine
She’s passin’ her classes while I attend mine

While I attend mine
While I attend mine
While I attend mine
While I attend

She wrote out a story about her life
I think it included something about me
I’m not sure of that but I’m sure of one thing
Her spelling’s atrocious

She told me to read between the lines
And tell her exactly what I got out of it
I told her affection had two F’s
Especially when you’re dealing with me

I usually notice all the little things
One time I was proud of it, she says it’s annoying
She cursed me up and down and rolled her R’s, her beautiful R’s

She says I’m caught up in triviality
All I really wanna know is what she thinks of me
I think my love for her makes me miss the point

I miss the point, I miss the point
I miss the point, I miss the point
I miss the point, I miss the point
I miss the point, Hey mister

7 Responses to “Underwhelmed (live)-Sloan”

  • Pinko, not that my Uncanny One would talk about a woman like you have in this post, especially since he has an Adorable Girlfriend, but you know him. He’s so cute. So coy. So clueless and so oh what’s word — uncanny!

    All the girls want to get with him. And a few boys for that matter too. He totally got body checked by the annoying Asian girl next to us on our first date! He’s so UC. Especially when he wears his cute Polo shirt and Perry Ellis pants and then wants to know why AG is not on him all day like a bee to honey. He’s just so UC that way. The bottom line is that UC is smoking hot when it comes to attracting the cute ones. (I suspect that’s why you and the ‘Disgruntled Clown-boy Scientist’ go to concerts with him. You want that action that UC reigns in.)

  • Oh Thundercats dude.
    I am in awe of your cool and calm composure.
    For I have a recurring dream like that.
    Only in my dream I’m drunk and naked and can’t remember how the damn song goes.

  • My dream involved Pop renaissances band, I wasn’t naked, but I couldn’t remember the words. I was so mad. I screwed up my big chance.

  • Speaking of which, where is the fellow – is he taking an extended Shingles-like hiatus from the awesome wonder working power of SOTD?

  • He has his own cool crowd, plus he has a show tonight and I can’t go. He hates me know, mostly because I suck.

    I have so much work to do, and I want to go badly. I will try to go to the June show.

  • Suck what, is the main question — Pinko?!!

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