Only Shallow-My Bloody Valentine

From an album I love (Loveless)yet still think is namechecked by people just for the hell of it, not really knowing or appreciating it, “Only Shallow” is a gigantic swath of make what you will of it. It’s aggressive, opaque (can you understanf more than four or five words?) and dreamy. This makes it especially effective for dork boy dorm angst. Whilst others (I’m looking at you A.) were content to blast “Unforgiven” by Metallica, or Rush (!), there were the alternadorks (moi) that spread the gospel of lying on the dorm room floor, depressed, in the dark, listening to this. LOUDLY. Chumpwagons. I will definitely unforgive you for the number of times I had to hear the Black album, or the frat dork upstairs blasting Nirvana oooh, about 6 months after I had snobbily already heard it. Chunky farts.

This song is awesome. I almost think I can get Uncanny to like it, but he’s not really all that angsty.

Only Shallow-My Bloody Valentine

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  • the video totally looks like something out of beavis butthead

  • ahh 1991. Sweet 90’s.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Oh, do i like this song. I almost love this song, but the intermittent moments with all the distortion take me out of the almost trance. There’s one musical interval in there I really like, the descending perfect fourth that totally gets to me.

  • I have played this song for you X number of times and you were all “Meh.” “Feh”.


    YPO hates this song.


  • Me love this album.
    As evinced by the fact that I amazingly don’t have anything else to add.

  • Actually, that’s not true.
    Loveless one of a select few “standby” albums – and by that I mean, when I’m looking for something to listen to but can’t come to a decision (say torn between Simply Saucer, the Frogs, Fairport Convention or the Dwarves for example) I often turn to this. Othertimes I turn to Marquee Moon.

  • I am a total bastard and don’t own Marquee Moon. I think I am worried that it is so good that I am afraid I will never listen to anything else.

  • Or maybe you’re afraid you might not like it.
    Due to the stunning guitar interplay it sometimes attracts hippies, and that can be a problem.

  • I know I will love it. I love Verlaine and the title track is amazing.

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