Jed’s other poem (beautiful ground)-Grandaddy

So i am sitting here eating my burnt popcorn as usual thinking to myself, ” hmmm.. i need a great comeback song for these snobs”, and honestly, I think I have one. I know for a fact it is one of Pinko Punko’s faves, and mine as well. So as the site tells you (and i tried looking on youtube for it–but it was not to be found–just click on the link you lazy bastards) Jed is a robot made out of spare parts. And really any song themed around robots is already better than most, but one about an alcoholic robot that writes poetry is just genius (try if you want, I will not be dissauded from the point genius). It is actually a quite beautiful song, especially the part after Jed writes “I try to sing it funny like Beck, but it’s bringing me down.. lower than ground.. beautiful ground…”. This song is just an example of Grandaddy’s wonderful creativity.. they make music fun again!, well they did.. until they broke up.

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  • you mind putting the actual link in the post? i don’t feel like copying and pasting the linkz

  • yourpirateoverlord

    and it is for that reason alone i call you a ‘lazy bastard’. maybe if you are going to be that way you can just go smell a cobag?

  • that video is so amazing. it is like when all the code starts to show at the end, his guts are spilling out.

  • i have swam in the pool of cobag. does that even make sense?

    i like the video though. thanks YPO!!

  • yourpirateoverlord

    make sense? hmm.. no? but it does leave one with a wonderful image. I do hope you wore goggles! woo!

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Hooray for YPO and a Grandaddy SofTD. I love that video partly because I still have my Apple II , and could actually program that. I used to spend hours inputting programs from Compute magazine. I remember the advent of checksums. Sweet. The video is very appropriate for the song. Sadly, it didn’t translate as well to a live venue as PP can attest.

    Jeddy 3 is what we first called him. Then it was Jed.

  • UC is so old school!

    Does any among us have the new Grandaddy? Do we like it? What does groupthink say?

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    New Grandaddy is coming out May 9. You know that I will only obtain it through legal means, which means a few more weeks of waiting. I’m sure YPO had it months ago and has already become bored with it.

  • yourpirateoverlord

    that was highly uncalled for UC! I have heard maybe one of the new songs, legally I might add, and I have from a reliable source the new one won’t be all that great. I hear it is too mellow and repititive. But maybe you are into that sort of sad bastard music.. you probably are…sigh

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Sad bastard music? Yeah, that about sums me up.

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