Song with a Mission-The Sounds

They kind of dropped the ball with this one. As Swedes, they get a pass on the aunthenticity game (not that that game ain’t bullshit anyway). In from what I can tell is there only song that rises above the slightly off-angle lyrics and over-earnestness, they have a reasonable radio riff on this track but an even more reasonable kiss-off line “this song is not for you” but they don’t hit it out of the park. They could have gone anywhere with it, but they go for euroteen affected disaffection anthem. Oh well, I’ll give them a pass because they might not even know that they are trying to be less squeaky Missing Persons on the rest of their songs. I still like catching 20-30 seconds of this on the radio.

Song with a Mission-The Sounds

Here’s hilarious: she winds the Warped tour crowd up all hard ass with a chant that seems all Hives-like (like they might back it up with some nice retro riff or something), but instead some synth comes in and you know “Walking in LA” was like 20 times harder. This is more “Kids in America”. It’s ABBA punk. It’s not good.

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