I am ready to take the heat on this one. I think this song is the moment where Courtney Love was on the fence between being a sad cartoon and an actual person. All the bad things were already there and you could argue that she was destined to her sad fate from the beginning, maybe it was the drugs, maybe it was the attention, the suicide, it doesn’t matter really. In this song there was the appearance that it could go another way. And I will just come out and say it. This is a really good song.


4 Responses to “Awful-Hole”

  • Rightwingers need love too! Won’t you buy my new album, Bloglebrity Skin? God bless President Bush and Merck!!!

  • I agree.
    And I too am not being ironic.
    This is actually a great track.
    Very sunny California hook filled.
    I like the title track too.

  • Even Malibu was good in its way. It could have been a Stevie Nicks song.

    Sigh. I find Courtney Love to be quite depressing. It seems like women get the worst of the chew ’em up spit em out machine.

  • Yeah, Malibu’s good too.
    Very Nicks-onian.

    It seems like women get the worst of the chew ‘em up spit em out machine.

    True. But a lot of Courtney’s injuries are self-inflicted. Being obnoxious and difficult in a “look at me, I’m a drunk mess” kind of way is fine (or at least excusable), but only up to a certain point. After the age of 35 it just seems pathetic. At that point you sober up. Or if you’re not in the mood to sober up, then you should have the good taste to withdraw from the public and become an “eccentric recluse”.

    Those are my Shingleberry rules for maintaining dignity while simultaneously maintaining a buzz.

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