See My Friends-Gravenhurst (Kinks cover)

I will admit that i know this song via its deliciously emotionally manipulative use in a TV show Tuesday night. I have not heard the Kinks original and this seemingly pleasant mope-a-dope English band has their moments, but none of their songs sound quite like this. This is one of those songs that works better for a scene in a movie or a show if you haven’t heard it previously than say some ubiquitous instaflavor track that out of touch directors turn to, such as Peter Gabriel almost anything, although some Security tracks and other old stuff will always be good. “See My Friends” fits in a certain meloncholic niche filled with slowly burning, constrained meditative indie rock “jams”. Not content to do the soft-loud-soft histrionics, instead it opts for atmosphere and a build into a tightly wound extended instrumetal outro. I can’t call it a jam, in fact the end sounds like a very organic Stereolab (non-cocktail) layered with the vaguest of noodling. I hear little bits of Television and maybe more than a little “The End” by The Doors (mostly in the cymbals and the space around the song). All that and it is a Kinks song. I have to say I am obsessed with this song. Recently I had been obsessed with “The Funeral” by Band of Horses. I never know where these obsessions come from, and I am always wondering when the song will cease to haunt me, or when I will stop wanting to listen to it a couple of times in a row. In this case, Band of Horses was put to bed by the new song. I think it could easily be adapted to the inevitable scene of the serial killer with the news clippings or the crackling of a phonograph.

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  • For some reason I haven’t been clicking on the SOTD’s, so I completely missed when you had The Funeral up; I really like that song, as well as “Our Swords” and “The Great Salt Lake.” To atone, here’s a song from a different band you might enjoy: Lullaby For The Working Class

    Boar’s Nest – LFTWC

  • Thanks Robo- you should buy this one above for a buck on iTunes. It is a really good tune. Seriously. On the Band of Horses album, I like the whole album, defintiely those tracks you mentioned, but the first four are great.

  • I like it. The first six minutes or so blend well into the frenetic guitar and drums. You should check out the Dave Davies version on Itunes as well. A little more concise, but just as great.

    In case you haven’t found this before, This website here is great. I’ve found so much music this way. Plus, it’s free, which is kinda nice.

    That LFTWC is a little different from the “See My Friends,” but I’ve been a fan since I saw them 8 years ago. One of the guys is in Bright Eyes now, but I really haven’t listened to much of their music to have a firm opinion of it.

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