Anytime-My Morning Jacket

A solid four on the ol’ iTunes, but secretly it is a 5. Just a slab of exuberant indie pop. Instead of relying on his amazing voice, or riding the wistful guitars and reverb to either elegiac sleepiness (Uncanny’s take on these guys usually) or jammyville, which is where I think their fans want them to go. Instead these man-mountains of hair, like crosses between Hagrid from Harry Potter and Jerry Garcia, just play it. He lets his voice crack in that way you just want to feel like you are singing or yelling along. Perfect music for the car. This would be the post-slurpee obtaining, windows down, f*** the job, I’m outtie for the weekend, got Geenie Cola in shotgun, the boys in the back, trunk fully of plush carrots, heading for the border. From the eclectic and underrated Z.

Anytime-My Morning Jacket (Live at Austin City Limits)

I think it is funny when bands mosh to not moshy music. But you know what, they are having a good time, and the song is wonderful. Even more wonderful would be if this video below were Sifl and Ollie. That would be amazing.

Anytime-My Morning Jacket

2 Responses to “Anytime-My Morning Jacket”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    This song is actually amazing. I relented and bought the new (now not new) MMJ CD based on PP’s perduring praise and remembering them being quite good live. I still zone out during half the tracks, but the ones that I don’t, I quite enjoy. I think it’s a better and more diverse CD than It Still Moves, although the value of the peak songs is equal.

  • Um, it’s not my favorite song.

    But damn, them’s some fine mens…

    Thanks Pinkass!

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