Big City-Spacemen 3

In the near future, all the Spacemen 3 fans will come to this humble web log and decry this song as vastly infereior to several other Spacement 3 or Spiritualized (Mr. J. Spaceman’s better known now band, well basically him and whomever he employs. I still like this one. It’s not really a song, just a drony collection of some synthesizers and stuff. There is something about it. Something very dated, but still good. Just a little nugget of history. From their final album I beleive, Recurring.

Big City-Spacemen 3

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  • Future is now, Pinko.
    Shingles say: this song is vastly inferior to pretty much everything they’ve ever done.

    Obligatory snob commentary aside, HOWEVER, I actually enjoy this song.
    One third drone, one third kitsch, and one third glassy eyed wink, with a hint of sarcasm thrown in for good measure.
    And that fills me with joy.

  • I actually sat through all of “Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs to” the other day while screwing around on the computer. That includes all three versions of 2:35, and the various versions of Hey Man/Amen. And for as much as people want to say BRMC rips off the Jesus and Mary Chain (and they do), just listen to Hey Man/Amen followed by Screaming Gun, which was a B-side from the first album period.

    And yeah, I like Spacemen 3, but I like Spiritualized better, especially the first three albums.

  • What Seitz says.

    I too like Spiritualized better – particularly the first three albums. Somewhere around “Let It Come Down” my interest started to trail off – as the whole Spiritualized formula became too formulaic.

    “Taking Drugs…” and “Recurring” would be my co-favorite Spacemen 3 records – which some might consider odd since they’re at seemingly opposite poles, in some ways, in the whole Spacemen 3 ouvre. But to me it makes perfect sense.

  • I recognize that Spiritualized are great, but sometimes I just can’t make the effort to listen to drug boy sing about drugs. Which is odd. I like Big City because it is different and I am prone to drone- I also saw the video on VH1 and was like, what the hell is this? I couldn’t put my finger on it, but by the end, it had me, and I knew the snobbos would feast upon my hadded flesh. Thanks for the input boys. You are 2/3rds of the audience that is probably reached by this enterprise.

  • quick q: how do you come up with the SofTD

  • Usually just a song that is kicking around in my head, or something random I hear on the radio. Some stuff is because I can find the video on You Tube, meaning that people can hear the song and maybe comment on it.

  • Pinko’s just being coy.
    He really uses his fantastic random orgone accumulator SofTD generator.
    Which, incidentally, doubles as a vibrator.

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