Stand and Deliver-Adam and the Ants

Would it be rude if we said that John A. jumps on his toilet just out of the shower and lip syncs this into his hairbrush? We must admit we would do the same. If we had a hairbrush. I know it might be too 80s and fey for some, but the “eatin’ a sandwich beat” and the “da diddly qua qua” get us every emu-loving time. AIF recommends the insanity of “Prince Charming”, but its not so easy a confection as “S and D”.

“I’m the dandy highwayman/so sick of easy fashion”

Stand and Deliver-Adam and the Ants

5 Responses to “Stand and Deliver-Adam and the Ants”

  • that prince charming is some weird sh*t.

    this one is much better.

  • Simpatico.
    I recently discovered that I had some old albums stored away at my folks’ place.
    Albums I had forgotten about, mainly on purpose since a bunch of them were somewhat embarassing to own.
    This was one of them.
    Though I’m not certain of its embarassment factor anymore.
    But I haven’t listened to it yet, so who knows.

  • OK, just listened to it (this song).

    Its still embarassing.

  • No offense intended, Pinko.

    I prefer my “fey” to be a little more jangly.

  • I just love the last two minutes. Ooh, is that the whole song? When it gets all “da diddly qua qau” or whatev- I have this one on album too, but it was 25 cents at the dorm record firesale.

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