So I am just starting to scratch the surface on Krautrock, the German experimental rock movement that has given us drone, ambient, much electronic music and dance rock, dance punk. Neu! are one of the more well-known bands of this genre, along with Can and Faust. I can’t add a whole lot, as I only have the first Neu! (self-titled) album. What I want to point out is the invention of a huge chunk of Joy Division’s sound, somewhere between 1:28.889 and 1:41.214, Peter Hook, Joy Division/New Order bassist gets birthed, whole. Listen to the bass go from whatever whatever to the original scary emo/punk/goth/expressionist/whatever Joy Division can be categorized as. Also, the snap on the snare is definitely proto-JD as well. Not exploding yet, but you know Joy Division’s legendary producer Martin Hannett wore out a couple of copies of this record. Very influential.


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2 Responses to “Negativland-Neu!”

  • This is off of the “red lettering on white background” album, right?
    “Hallogallo”, the opening track, is great – so Stereolabby it hurts.

    I really don’t own enough Krautrock. I’ve got this and Faust IV and that’s it. I keep meaning to pick up more but never seem to get around to it.

  • Shingles, yeah this is off Neu! (their first). I just picked up Neu! ’75 yesterday, and it is awesome. Much more modern sounding. I got it off eMusic, but the mastering sounds pretty good.

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