Skin Deep/No More Heroes-The Stranglers

Double shot today from the Stranglers, an English band flitting between New Wave, Punk and a little Goth. The first number I find hypnotic for some reason. The simplicity of the keyboard along with the very specific sound they use, paired with the confident, matter of fact vocals somehow just grabs me. I really like the song. The second number is an earlier and bigger hit for them from the late 70s. You can hear the punkish sneer, but the vocals are too smart and too jokey for straight punk and the music points straight at New Wave.

Skin Deep-The Stranglers

No More Heroes-The Stranglers

7 Responses to “Skin Deep/No More Heroes-The Stranglers”

  • Me like.

  • yourpirateoverlord

    PP-i didnt even know you liked the stranglers!

  • PP is a source of constant wonderment.
    Or wondermints.
    I like to think of him as man of many layers.
    Like an onion.

    A lovely bacon filled onion.

    Speaking of which, I’ve always had a soft spot for the “cute and fuzzy” Stranglers.
    Much like I have a fuzzy soft spot for the pre-Disneyfied Times Square.

    Sure, both may be scuzzy, but it was a more innocent and endearing type of scuzziness.

  • YPO!

    I got the Skin Deep 12″ AND the 3″ mini-cd

  • Kind of the long and short of it, really.

  • yourpirateoverlord

    oooh! i have ‘rattus norvegicus’ on vinyl.. which is AMMMAAAAAZING! and I also have ‘black and white’.. I dont think it is all that great, but does come on a nifty black and white record.

  • yourpirateoverlord

    A bacon filled onion? I’d like to thin of him as one of those new and hip krispy kremes, filled with bacon and what some might call ‘hamburger’.. yes.. a man of many layers indeed.

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