Tantalized-The Church

I don’t love Australia’s The Church, mostly because I just can’t get into the vocal stylings of Steve Kilbey. It either seems too arch, or not quite musical enough. The guitar is always tasteful and elegant, though, but their American breakthrough Starfish always used to kind of bug me, I think I felt it was boring. I liked the lead single (“Metropolis”) from their next album Gold Afternoon Fix, although I’d be hard-pressed to say why. Today’s song is earlier than either of those two albums, and one of the few Church songs I know where the bands just seems to let go and be completely committed to straight ahead directness. “Tantalized” still has all the Church-y stylings but is very up-tempo, and sounds more like a hybrid between The Church, Echo and the Bunnymen and early U2. The studio version layers horns onto the live stuff you can watch below and the song is a stunner. The sound is a little muddy on this You Tube version, but you can see the band just having a great time, and condering how it was probably recorded, it is a great version.

Tantalized (live)-The Church

2 Responses to “Tantalized-The Church”

  • I never got into Starfish either.

    I liked some songs (Unguarded Moment, Field of Mars, Electric Lash, and Almost With You) off of their earlier albums – either very jangly (and you know how much I love jangly!) or more spacey (and you know how much I love spacey!) – but they always seemed to just…miss…the…mark of brilliance.

    I think its their bridges. They write really annoying bridges.

  • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. This song is awesome, as is “Unguarded Moment”-

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