Islands – Where There’s A Will There’s a Whalebone

Islands are one of those crazy Canadian collectives that emerged from the ashes of The Unicorns. Yes, those Unicorns of the endless hooks and the total disregard for a chorus. Islands manifests itself as even more inventive, diverse, and fun. The songs vary greatly, from the calypso influenced to drawn-out Arcade Fire-esque movements. Where There’s a Will is like no other track on Return To The Sea. It starts off sounding like a typical Unicorns track, but then something happens about halfway through, and it dissolves into a wild dance party. The best I could provide is a poor-quality recording of them performing live (in Toronto of course!!!!), but the rapping on the recorded version is so fast and smooth and fits beautifully with the increasingly elaborate accompaniment. It reminds me a little of Beta Band’s Won, but that’s only because of how surpising and effective the rapping actually is. I’m not sure that PP would really love Islands through and through, but I’m sure it’s way up Fulsome’s alley.

Where There’s A Will There’s A Whalebone

5 Responses to “Islands – Where There’s A Will There’s a Whalebone”

  • yourpirateoverlord

    UC- good choice.. but i sort of enjoy “Don’t call me Whitney, Bobby” a little better.. its one of those songs tht while wlaking down the street buidlings could be tumbling down and kittens could be bludgened by the falling debris.. and i wouldnt notice, because i would be too busy doing a little rock out dance and head bobbing to all its peppy upbeat goodness..

  • The Fiery Furnaces and Of Montreal are playing in the DC Metro area this summer. I’ll submit a report for perusal after I rawk tha haus down.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I’m totally jealous Chuckles. I love the Fiery Furnaces in a way that is totally disproportionate to their commercial appeal. I was planning a Bitter Tea SoftD in the near future.

  • I think I like “Swans” best, but it is just on this side of me liking it. It is probably on the fence between myself and the absent fulsome.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Swans is the most Arcade Firey song on the CD. It’s really good. I like how eclectic their sound is. I never get bored listening to the CD, except the last track with the stupid 5 minutes of silence before the amazingness gets going.

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