Battle of the Broken Hearts-Mojave 3

This is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. Now, I realize that every SotD post I write might sound like that, but please don’t let it take anything away from how much I love this song, from the excellent CD Spoon and Rafter. There are so many things that make me love this song. I’ll do my best to describe them:

First, the song has movements and dramatic tempo changes arranged into an A-B-C-A-B-C form. Basically, medium tempo, up-tempo, and then dramatic down-tempo heart-wrenching beautiful, before returning to the original form. I like the changes and each part affects me in a different way. With clearly C being the best part.

Second, the song begins with that Shins-like sound of ooohs from New Slang. Great beginning

Third, theremin introducing down-tempo. Nuff said.

Fourth are the lyrics in the middle of the song:

She said
no one wants you when you’re broken
no one needs you when you’re hurt
you can’t love me ’cause I’m broken
you can’t know me while I’m hurt
no one wants you when you’re broken
they can’t love you and it’s sad

I mean dude, how can you possibly recover from that? (Ed. note, when we link to lyrics we attempt to link to band’s official or unofficial pages, not the spyware cobags that archive all the song lyrics).

Fifth, voice plus mallet percussion singing the tune that sounds kind of like from A Day in the Life that you always have to sing along to. You know the part with the oooh ooh oohs. The part that is impossible to not hum along to because it is the most beautiful melody ever.

In the world of iTunes musical rankings, you have two ways to go for perfect songs. Either give them a 13/5 or something like that. Or you can add significant figures to the 5. For example, 5.0000. A better song would be 5.00000. I don’t know the right way to do it, but I know that this is a song that brings up such dilemmas. Is that enough gushing?

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