Teen Age Riot-Sonic Youth

I had the ol’ 12 inch of this one, so it is a similar edit, it doesn’t have the thoughtful instrumental intro. Ignore the kind of scenester-esque NY-sCene feel to the vid, these indie kings always made the music they wanted to play. You can hear exactly why the metallos etc. hated SY. The detuned guitars. This song is straight-ahead for them, but like fingernails on a blackbaord to noodly proggos. I love love this song. Ignore the video, just listen. It has a certain confidence and directness. Four minutes of art punk pop. In a way, listening to the words, it is like a rocking “Kids On Holiday” by Animal Collective. What I mean to say it has a certain nostaligic feel for me.

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  • The Uncanny Canadian

    This song is pretty good. i don’t think I love it, but I enjoyed listening to it. For whatever reason, it reminded me a little of raw Yo La Tengo.

  • It is more that Yo La Tengo reminds you of Sonic Youth. The song gets better, too, when you have the missing intro.

  • You have drawn me back like a moth to a flame. How can I not comment on a SY song. I love them. I love this song. I will see them twice this summer!

  • This was the first SY song I loved. The album is a classic too.

    They remind me of Couch Flambeau mixed with Die Kreuzen.

    I saw them open for Neil Young and Crazy Horse once. That was a loud show.

    They’re gonna be at the Pabst Theater this summer. I will see them also. Unlike fulsome, I do not have the opportunity to see them twice. Some people are luckier than they know.

  • PP’s right, if you’re used to hearing this w/the intro it sounds a little off without it.

    The video, though, I’ve never seen before – reminds me of the one for Dino’s Little Fury Things, albeit with a typical SY excess of pop references. Saw them right around this time w/Dinosaur and Firehose. Great show.

    Couch Flambeau meets Die Kreuzen – that’s funny.

  • Hey, Shingles!

    You know how rare it is for someone to get both of those references?

    Go ask Pinko Punko for some bonus points! You rock!

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