Twilight Zone-Golden Earring

For some reason I think Blue Girl would sing this in the car. First of all this song sounds much more new wave than I remember. Second of all, the video is awesome. Third of all, I had no idea what “uncensored” meant in relation to this video. This is a slab of 80s pop rock, cheesy because of its era, but relatively uncheesy when you compare it to its neighbors. Plus, you just kind of give in to it towards the end, because if it comes on the radio, odds are if the old school and today’s R and B station is playing the latter and can’t bail you out with the Daz Band or “Flashlight” or “Give it To Me, Baby” you’re gonna be listening to it. And then it is in your head.

Twilight Zone-Golden Earring

6 Responses to “Twilight Zone-Golden Earring”

  • This song has been in my head since November 1998. I worked in a bowling alley as a mechanic and it would play on the classic rock digi music doohickey.

  • This is one of 2 Golden Earring songs on my iPod.

  • Best dutch rock single since Shocking Blue’s 1-2-knockout Venus/Hot Sand!

  • Do The Raveonettes count? Cause they have some rockin’ singles.

  • I didn’t watch this until someone said something about tatas in it. I appreciate the sentiment but I can see why the tatas slipped by the censors. They weren’t exactly the kind of tatas a kid runs to momma for.

  • I. Am. Heartbroken.

    I was totally going to do a SOTD post, but apparently I don’t have access. What’s up with that. I can log in and whatnot, but when I go to do the “make a post” thingy, I’m told I’m not authorized. It taunts me.

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