Lazy Eye-Silversun Pickups

Just ear-catching indie rock. Sometimes there are bands that you could go either way with, you could damn them to hell for their obvious influences, or you could praise them for their tasteful assemblage of sound collage. I could write the equation of the song this way: Smashing Pumpkins/Modest Mouse (Corgan-tinged/then what’s his name-tinged vocals)+Secret Machines+”NYC” phase Interpol+Sigur Ros, or I could just say that for the five or so minutes I heard this on the radio, I was happy to be listening to the radio. This is off their new album, out in two weeks. I found someone that mp3 blogged it, but I’ll pick it up when it comes out. I owe ’em that much. And there is a sneaky little bit of baggy beat toward the freak out at the end, reminding me of Chapterhouse “Pearl” (shoegaze+baggy!).

Here’s their vid for “Kissing Families” off an EP they had (add some serious ringing, chiming, atmospheric guitar to this song and you have “Lazy Eye”):

2 Responses to “Lazy Eye-Silversun Pickups”

  • How many bands do you need to namedrop to become a complete cobag of a reviewer?

    O. I think I just got the joke.

    HaHa! Pitchfork.

  • It doesn’t count as name-dropping if the bands a relatively well known, but I did offer two distinct descriptors of the tune. Take from that what you will, my young apprentice.

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