First Song-Andrew Bird

Off the pleasant and interesting Weather Systems, eclectic and sciencey Andrew Bird offers up an chambery, folky, violiny wonderful song highlighted by some whsitling that sounds close and distant at the same time. The whistling will stay with you, not the intro but the almost identical reprise toward the end. Snippets of the beautiful sounds will float to you later on, as if you are hearing the song from a great distance, even thought you are merely just striving to keep the song with you. It is that kind of chilling, tingly, wonderful composition.

An embeddable player was supposed to go here that could stream the song. I will try to find a clip to put up. Aha! GO here, and click where it says.

3 Responses to “First Song-Andrew Bird”

  • At Intonation last year, AC Newman brought Andrew Bird out to whistle the part to Drink To Me Babe, Then.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    This song is good, but I find alot of the other Andrew Bird songs a little inaccessible. And by that I mean that I didn’t love them in the first 15 seconds of listening to them and never game them a fair chance. He’s certainly original and interesting. PP is right about the whistling.

  • yourpirateoverlord

    I got a free ticket to see andrew bird in concert.. and the i had the opportunity to meet him after. i might have had some drinkees before hand and when i met him i was so excited i couldnt think of anything to say except…”i like your scarf”.. he sort of just blinked at me i think. then my friend jumped in and told mr. bird i would like a hug. and then of course i gave the wonderful whistler a huge unwanted hug and i am sure he waved over security at that point. i at least had the capacity to not steal his scarf.

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