Strawberries-Asobi Seksu

Uh. Er. Hum. Tuning Fork:

“Break out this record and listen to the track “New Years” (track 3 for you internet piracy folks). Then, listen to the song “99 Luftballons” by Nena and imagine M83 covering the song with a guest appearance by the singer from the Concretes. Then, listen to the rest of Citrus and find yourself wondering why you never thought to make a Garage Band mash-up of the Cocteau Twins vs. The Smiths vs. Joy Division (surely they’d post it on Puritan Blister). Yeah, that would sound pretty cool. There’s a guy at Columbia that came up with a program that could make an infinite number of songs out of one uploaded audio track by dividing it up according to it’s own time/tempo elements and randomly rearranging it. Looks like this band only had to run the program 12 times with 12 pre-pitchfork-approved tracks. The point on influences is not lost. They’re great. They’re unavoidable. But, ultimately, a band with so many of them worn on so many sleeves is simply not worth more than a handful of listens.”

Well, I’m still on the first bunch of listens and it sounds awesome to me. The writer does coin a phrase, though. Nice review. Now shut it.

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  • While in Italy I ate “Prosciutto e Melone” at every chance.
    This song kind of reminds me of that fact.

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