Breaking the Ice-Mojave 3

The jaunty, happy less restrained and quiet Mojave 3 is expressed quite well on their latest album, Puzzles Like You. This song represents that exact feeling. One of the better offerings, but not the best from the new LP. I’m leaning toward “Truck Driving Man.” I am listening in the hopes of not being laid so low.

1 Response to “Breaking the Ice-Mojave 3”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I really like this song. My favourite part is right around a minute where he starts to sing “I know you want to get away …” and it has piano chords that sound like a perfect Wilco Being There moment that keeps getting better and better. Also, having grown up in Canadia, I can relate to the feeling of walking around in skates with guards on. The woman in the video is such a cutie!!!

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