It’s My Life-The Animals

This is the one I’ve been waiting for on You Tube. I think this is my fave Animals tune- a perfect distillation of their everything. I’m going to consider that the song is not as misogynistic as the set designer for this live clip. Jesus H. Chunderwagon on a triscuit- let’s put the Go-Go dancers as trophies on a hunting lodge wall! Those birds, always bringing Eric Burdon down! I would prefer to think that EB is really telling “The Man” to kiss off. Also, someone says he kind of forgets the words in this performance. I call it garage only because all the garage bands in the world kind of wanted to be the Animals. Luckily there’s not a backing tape that kept going all Ashlee Simpson on him. Twerpy little Eric Burdon could still eat Taylor Hicks like he was a tiny little oyster cracker.

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