Obscure Shoegaze-esque English band’s second radio track in America, following “Sunshine Smile.” Kept on the tip of my tongue for 13 or so years until Last FM pooped it out earlier this year. A pleasant song, perhaps it is nostalgia more than anything else. They kind of bring Catherine Wheel to mind.

2 Responses to “Homeboy-Adorable”

  • i have the CRAZIEST story about this song.

    i saw adorable at slim’s on this tour. was completely drunk and jumped on stage…anyhoo, so i was at the bar after the show and pyotr (the singer) walks up and we start talking. he commends my sideburns (at the time they were tasteful morrissey sideburns, not the acreage-covering chops they are now) and shows how his are fake and merely the product of a clever haircut. drinking and talking continue.

    then this dude walks up to us. the guy looks like a white dude who hangs with cholos (and growing up in richmond, i can tell you there’s nothing scarier than a white dude who’s been ACCEPTED by cholos, cos that dude’s done some crazy shit to get that kind of respect) and seems to have had a few drinks himself. he says hello to pyotr and immediately thereafter says this:

    “oh man. i LOVE that song ‘homeboy’. you know that line: ‘i wanna cut you up, i wanna watch you bleed ever so slowly’? i fucking LOVE that line, man. i TOTALLY know how you feel, man. sometimes you’ve gotta cut someone.”

    pyotr was fucking gobsmacked and i was half freaked out, half trying not to laugh. pyotr’s response was “i’m glad you liked it…though that’s not what i really meant.” the dude left and pyotr gave me a look that clearly said “WTF?!?!?!?!”. absolutely classic.

  • This is the reason I post these things. FOR the awesome popstar comments. I don’t even get what he means, but I could have guessed he didn’t mean that- YIKES!

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