Sale of the Century/Inbetweener-Sleeper

From what I remember, “Sale…” was from Sleeper’s second album The It Girl, and they never got any cred. Jsutine from Elastica was the genius, Louise from Sleeper was either too mean or somehow derivative (not true, she was great, the sexist press could only imagine one wry, talented popstar). These criticisms all seemed to miss the point. It was Britpop, and Sleeper played smart, cutting, witty Britpop. “Sale…” is a great, great pop song- compare its almost sly earnestness with what I remember as Sleeper’s first single “Inbetweener,” possibly the meanest non-Morrissey song sang with a smiling face ever.

Sale of the Century-Sleeper


3 Responses to “Sale of the Century/Inbetweener-Sleeper”

  • oh my fucking god – i have always had SUCH a crush on louise. “inbetweener” was brilliant but “swallow” is even better and nastier. that whole album is the shit. i liked the subsequent stuff a lot too, just not as much as “smart”. louise is simply gorgeous and incredibly talented.

  • come to think of it, ag should be down for sleeper too. louise is jewish and was praised in jewish magazines for being such a strong woman and a positive role model.

  • On youtube, there’s a three part video, or a video in three ten minute parts, called the history of Britpop. The chick from Sleeper is interviewed in it a lot. Worth a looksee.

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