In a Room-Dodgy

We continue our Britpop phase with some lads that I heard occasionally on Rock Over London. First off, don’t appear in your own vid if:

A) Horatio Sans is your drummer.

B) Your song is the harmless, catchy, bright “In A Room” and you have a tatoo that can only conflict with the totally untoughness of the song that really should be played by the English version of overachiving teenaged Hansons.

C) You look like Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Gavmo slipped me this song and I do love it in the way that I love all sorts of Britpop.

3 Responses to “In a Room-Dodgy”

  • I like the House of Love song by the same name a lot better.

  • I think the commenter I could most accurately program a computer to ape would be Seitz. I can’t wait for your Song of the Day posts. I’m totally gonna Seitz you. Hee hee.

  • fucking seitz is my hero. i cover “in a room” in my acoustic sets.

    dodgy was aptly named – there are no britpop bands dodgier that dodgy. this band is just awful. they make me think of that embarassing song “grease” by 18 wheeler (officially the worst britpop lyrics EVARR!!!1!).

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