Ship of Fools/Way Down Now-World Party

Cynical Welshman Karl Wallinger describes the descent of the world into hell, again probably not thinking how much on the nose he would be. All to some jovial piano thumpery that is like army ants casually and irresistibly destroying everything in their path via a tuneful column of destruction. From 1987’s Private Revolution. Some of you might also remember the second tune, Goodbye Jumbo‘s “Way Down Now,” a great use of two-headed sheep and Sympathy For The Devilish “woo woos.”

Ship of Fools-World Party

Way Down Now-World Party

4 Responses to “Ship of Fools/Way Down Now-World Party”

  • Pinko, speaking pseudonym to pseudonym, I’ve always been partial to the underdog songwriter in bands. You know, Grant Hart as opposed to Bob Mould (man I picked the wrong horse, no pun intended, on that one!), Jeff Tweedy vs. What’s his name who’s songs are all the same, Dan Murphy vs. Dave Pirner, Keiko Masuda instead of Mitsuyo Nemoto, um…

    And for me, the problem w/the Waterboys was always Mike Scott’s over the top earnestness. Well, and the over the top cheesy assed production values.

    Because of this built in shingles-bias, I found World Party (particularly the “message in a box” song…go figure) to be a welcome relief from the contrived majesty of the Waterboys.

    Though I also pegged Wallinger as someone who would someday join the Traveling Wilburys.

  • Super true about the Waterboys. It’s the same reason I like Uncanny better than myself.

  • “the whole of the moon” is the only waterboys song anyone ever needs to hear.

    world party = good singles, boring-as-fuck albums.

  • PR- “Whole of the Moon” is my fave Waterboys song. I like “Month/Year/Life of Sundays” (I can’t remember the name) too.

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