Heartbreaker – Grand Funk Railroad (+ Contest!!!!!!)

It’s really easy to forget that before Grand Funk became the lame ass band associated with The Loco-motion and even worse efforts in the 1980s, they were actually grand and funky. And bluesy. Heartbreaker was written in 1969, when music was loud and good and stands up today as a truly kick ass song. The live version below if from 1974, and shows the band at its performing best. Note the epic Marc Knopfler-esque guitar solos, the drummer screaming his ass off, and your heart slowly slowly breaking.

As for the contest. What 2006 hit song is foreshadowed by heartbreaker? 10 points if you get it from the first 23 seconds of the song. 5 points if you get it in the first 1:03 of the song. 1.125 points if you need to hear the “Bringing me down” part of the chorus to get it. Oh and 1 million 3B dollars to the first correct answer.

Presuming as usual that I can’t embed it properly, the video is here:


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