We Drink on the Job – Earlimart

Selected more because it’s the only Earlimart video on Youtube than because it’s their best song, this comes from Earlimart’s third album, and the first full length on Palm Everyone Down Here, released in 2003. They’ve since released Treble and Tremble (you can stream it here), which I think is a better album, but whatever. This was the first album with Aaron Espinoza on vocals, and while he doesn’t posess the most powerful voice, he grows on you after a while. There’s a vulnerability in his delivery that really works.

This is one of those bands that’s really a treat to see live (see previous live reviews here and here), mostly because they’re MUCH louder, and in this case, that’s a good thing. Espinoza has a real knack for finding just the right ambient noise to pipe in at just the right time. This is especially evident on ‘All They Ever Do is Talk’ and ‘Heaven Adores You’. But be forewarned, Treble and Tremble sounds like a full on homage to their friend Eliot Smith (so those of you with Smith sensitivities may want to keep some Kleenex nearby). They’re also great live because they’ve got Arriana Murray, who’s really attractive in that “not hot, but has something that make me not want to look away” sort of way.

Treble and Tremble
also features “Broke the Furniture”, which has a distinct country feel to it. Ever notice how bands that aren’t country acts seem to be able to write better country songs than actual country acts? I’m thinking of “Gone for Good” by the Shins here, too. Maybe it’s just me. Anyway, enjoy “We Drink on the Job”.

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  • Wait just a damn minute. Now Seitz is posting? First Pinko harassed Plover until the bird person blogged. Now, Seitz. People, he’s just using you for your blogging abilities. He tried to offer keys to AG. AG stood tall. AG is Res’s woman. AG will not sell out. Fight the power, people.

    Viva La Revolution!

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Great review, Seitz! As PP correctly stated earlier, I really like Earlimart. They have just the right amount of Grandaddy in their sound and just the right amount of Elliott Smith, without really sounding like either. Good call also on Arriana Murray. She is really interesting looking and plays keyboards. She also has some resemblance to Eleanor Friedberger, which means that Chuckles should be checking out these live shows ASAP!

    Yeah, this is definitely not one of their better songs. But you have to love the piano line that comes straight out of Grandaddy’s Crystal Like. Actually, you can stream the video for the much better song, Heaven Adores You, from their website or possibly using this link: http://www.sputnik7.com/servlet/asxplaylist/1/300/etha/file.asx

    I also completely agree with you about the country music thing. Groups like Fruit Bats, Band of Horses, Iron and Wine, and Holopaw (as well as the Shins of course) write much much better country music than any true country band.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Oh, and AG, Seitz has been with us for a year, contributed occasionally to SoftD, so stop with the bullying and acrimony. In fact this post marks his blogoversary at SoftD.

  • Don’t tell AG what to do, UC. You are NOT the boss of her.

  • I wish at least AG would be the boss of AG, and not let the nanobots run the place.

  • Don’t hate me ’cause I’m lazy.

  • You aren’t lazy Seitz. AG is just making sure you are blogging here because you want to, not because PP bugged you until you gave in. He’s “cute” like that, sometimes.

    AG is the guidance counselor and hall monitor of 3B! A lot goes on here and if AG doesn’t stop and look around sometimes, you might just miss it.

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