Lessons Learned from Rocky I to Rocky III-Cornershop

Sure it’s a little Spin Doctory. Sure they borrowed a chunketylish riffyraff from Teh SWEET’s “Fox on the Run.” Sure the bando plays Led Zeppo in the vid. Too bad its your Song of the Day. You just ate it!

Me likey tho’.

Lessons learned from Rocky I to Rocky III
Sheepskin shoes tend to run the industry
Lesson 2. Cop the groove
Lesson 3 is to ignore 4.
Round 5 going into 6
I understand guns in the A&R office
7. we’re cooking with Amitabh Bachchan
8. it’s a real heavy weight
9. we’re rocking New York time
10×10 It’s like St. John said

The overgrown Supershit (2x)

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