Metal Guru-T. Rex

I find Marc Bolan very creepy in this clip. I fairly shocked their weren’t 200 anime/video game weirdofests on You Tube. T. Rex has that glammy dark side of bubble-gum sound. Usually their riffs just kind of slither, like in “Bang a Gong,” that is a slithery snake mating dance of a riff. This song is a little different, more about Bolan looking like a more cherubic Alice Cooper, but not an act.

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  • If you think he’s creepy here, just imagine how creepy he’d be today.
    I’m picturing Danny Devito shimmying.

  • That’s funny; i was just flashing on “Girl I’m Just a Vampire…” (or whatever the title is) today, trying to find out who the artist was so i could make sure of the lyrics. and did another double-take at “T-Rex,” too. (not *that* T-Rex, obviously…)

    so, i gotta ask: this “emu” to which you allude, does it perchance relate to a certain g-m-r (looks around nervously in anticipation of thunderclap)?

    if you don’t know what i’m talking about, then…neither do i. in fact, i’m not even here.
    really. (backs away, tossing salt over shoulder and spitting, signing the cross, studiously avoiding looking into that mirror or crossing under that ladder, etc.)

  • Woops, a black kitty just crossed your path!

    Thanks for stopping by, bd222-

  • I’m not really a classic rock type of guy. Other than few Zeppelin CDs, I don’t really ever listen to it other than through it’s ubiquity in television commercials. But I do love T-Rex, and I listen to the 20th Century Boy compilation all the time.

    This isn’t my favorite Bolan song, though. That would probably be Raw Ramp, Beltane Walk, Mambo Sun, Slider, or Jeepster.

  • aw, kitty!!

    Jeepster, that was it, thanks.

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