Silent Sigh-Badly Drawn Boy

Possibly a song that could strike one as infinitely sad, or mysteriously romantic, or perhaps overwrought. From the About a Boy soundtrack, Damon Gough seems to channel a 70s-ish Lennon with a splash of white soul. Sometimes the song sounds vulnerable, other times too smooth. Of course, no that I think about the little ducky, I find it infinitely sad, even if it comes across as Beck’s Debra (on Qualuudes) if you hate the breathy intro. Anyway, the heart of the duck’s soul gets eaten out, and I am saddened.

2 Responses to “Silent Sigh-Badly Drawn Boy”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I totally love this song, and I love the About A Boy soundtrack to death. I’m kind of bothered by the video, though. Isn’t this the duck that the kid kills when he throws a stone in the pond? I didn’t even realize that the duck’s spouse was killed as well. That’s just absolutely horrible. That poor duck.

    As for the song, it’s totally wistful, but I think there is hope there as well. The piano theme repeats a few times during the soundtrack and always gets to me. I think the piano represents the sadness within all the characters, but the disco theme represents hope for redemption and grooviness.

  • That is the same duck from the movie. I think they added the other, extra sad part about Mrs. Duckie.

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