April Fools-Rufus Wainwright

Rufus W. Superhero who’s powers are nothing in the face of destiny, the destiny of famous opera leading ladies for death, death, death. A killer, effortless voice, his first single eschews the more melodramatic piano balladeer aspects of his sound for a whimsical pop masterpiece. I literally do not know what the rest of the album sounds like because I just listen to this song. Perhaps the philistines among us might be taken aback by a dude singing about another dude, but I would be more than happy for RW to compose and perform the 3B theme song. If he can get Cio-Cio San into a song and video that effortlessly, I’m certain he could fit emus, chundermuffins and cobags in. We’ll let teh l4m3 be the hero.


So the waitress in the diner is Gwen Stefani, but the red-head who I knew I recognized- Melissa Auf Der Mar (Hole, Smashing Pumpkins)

2 Responses to “April Fools-Rufus Wainwright”

  • Shingles Auf Der Pants

    I was wondering what Melissa was up to these days.
    Now I know.

  • Sadly, the vid is a buncha years old. Currently Ms. Auf du Mar is getting her solo album from earlier this year ripped on by Pitchfork, even though they all have huge crushes on her.

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