Out of Hand-Mighty Lemon Drops

I never heard their songs that made them sound like Echo and the Bunnymen. Is this one of them? I don’t think so. The video seems a lil’ creepy when I watched it just now with the sound off. I think I had this on a Sire Records “Just Say…” Sampler. Ah, memories. The tune is still good enough for the kids to make anime/world of warcraft mashups to go with it.

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  • That was originally released on the Out of Hand EP with about six or seven other songs, and later released with Happy Head on like a big long CD. Cool song. I think my brother had a tape of it, but I left in the car and if melted, so I had to get a new copy (thank God for used records stores).

    Laughter is a really good album, too.

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