Stomach Worm-Stereolab

From Peng, a Stereolab album designed for me as it is Neu!-y and not loungey. Any and all Stereolab comments directed to King of All Things Stereolab, Norbizness.

Let’s go to some comments:

This early disk hasn’t held up that well, but it retains a special place in my heart. When it came out Stereolab was like a more accessible or pop version of My Bloody Valentine – very stripped down in comparison to later efforts. Or something like that. Some excellent songs on here – Orgiastic, Stomach Worm, Surrealchemist. Some excellent lyrics too. Overlooked and underappreciated.

Chumpwagons like this make me thank the SKY FAIRY that I was born with my own abilities to realize how ridiculous other people can be when it comes to Stereolab. Although the songs they do mention ARE super awesome, so how can an album not hold up well but be overlooked and underappreciated? How can you make less sense than Three Bulls!? A for effort.

Some of the longer songs outstay their welcome (like “Stomach Worm”). Not bad for a debut overall.

Cheats at solitaire.

The entire album is brilliant. Some people may find the odd song boring, but only in the same way that they would find V.U.’s Sister Ray boring, who cares about opinions like that? You little shits!


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