Not Just Words-The Black Heart Procession

The kind of indie rock small-scale epic you can fell good about. Ignore the Jay and Silent Bob lookalike band. Also, the curiously 90’s-esque video. Super good tune. From 2006’s Spell.

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  • The Black Heart Procession is oh so eminently spiffy.

    However, IMO, none of their later styles ever quite matches the elegant, spectral gloom of their first two albums when they were all musical saws and ominous wreckage — it is hard to think of other albums by anybody that so successfully carry off that sense of eerie melancholy.

    Those who haven’t heard them should go listen to “a light so dim”, “your church is red”, and the charmingly batty “it’s a crime i never told you about the diamonds in your eyes” from the second album (called 2), and “even thieves couldn’t lie”, “heart without a home”, and “heart the size of a horse” from the first album (called 1). Though I find the first album is one of those albums that is best listened to whole rather than as individual songs.

    None of those songs seems to be on YouTube though. However, the first album is represented by “bluewater blackheart“.

    TBHP also did a joint project with Solbakken — apparently a Dutch prog band — for the “In the fishtank” series, and this is quite good The best track from that is probably the epic “things go on with mistakes”, however, the track on YouTube “voiture en rouge” should be checked out (though the music is cut off at the end of the video for some reason). I’d really like to hear what Solbakken sounds like on their own.

    As for the new album, I prefer “Gps” to “Not Just Words”. And when listening to this album, I find that that the song “Fingerprints” has this weird tendency to overpower the other songs. Which is really annoying, since its one of their weakest songs.

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