Ice Hockey Hair – Super Furry Animals

Probably the most underrated SFA song (assuming there are people that actually rate SFA songs), it’s also probably my favorite. It doesn’t appear on any proper album, and it wasn’t widely available until it was released on the Songbook compilation, and it’s rarely played live, or so says my unscientific sample based on the last five shows they’ve played in Chicago (they’ve played it once, and I was stoked).

As with most good SFA songs, it really combines all of the elements brought to the table by each musician. It’s got a great bass line. It’s got Gruff on the crazy mic. There’s some solid harmony, though not as good as one might find on “Rings Around the World”. The only problem with this version is that it cuts out about the first 20 seconds, and it cuts out the bridge at around the three minute mark. It’s not a big deal, but it’s a little jarring when you’re used to hearing the studio recording.

Apparently they got the title from a 3rd division soccer player in Sweden, as I doubt the mullet is referred to as “hockey hair” in Wales. Also, it makes me think of the MST3K episode “Final Sacrifice“, in which the bots all contract hockey hair. Mike is spared, as he already had the disease as a kid (he does, however, contract grisled old prospector hair later in the episode).

And since I may have whetted your appetite for MST3K, here’s the relevant section from Final Sacrifice:

2 Responses to “Ice Hockey Hair – Super Furry Animals”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Oh I totally love this song, and it really is a standout track on the compilations. It’s not quite as cutesy as Chewing Gum, but it is quintessential SFA.

    Speaking of which, have you heard any of the solo Gruff Rhys stuff, Seitz? It looks like it may be pretty good, but I haven’t ventured as far as to try a listen.

  • I don’t own it, but I’ve listened to it, though not in a while. My impression was that I liked it a lot, but like Mwng, I’m pretty sure it’s all in Welsh. Still very good, though.

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