Phantom Limb – The Shins

It’s shew shinny Nines! Er, shinny new Shines! Damnit… It’s The Shins! It’s new! It’s… um…


Well, it is The Shins.


But, well, it sounds kind of like an out-take from their first album.

And that’s a bad thing?

No! Well… no… well, it’s not quite…

Not quite…?

It is The Shins, though.

The new album—
  Yay! New Shins album! Shew Nins album! Where?
    comes out January 23rd.

Oh… that’s…

Several weeks, yes.

And… this is… all we get until then?

Remember, it is The Shins.

Think shiny!


6 Responses to “Phantom Limb – The Shins”

  • Oh, I was gonna do this one. It is like they had the sound *check* the absolutely killer outro *check* and then coasted on the first two thirds. I am waiting to see if it grows on me. I refused to listen to a leaked copy, so I will wait patiently for the record, and even more patiently with the 2nd wave of Shins haters. I will be stocked up on “eat it, cobags.”

  • D’oh, what the?

    I liked it. Shins songs usually take a couple of listens to grow on me, but this is pretty clearly one that’s going to.

  • It is just that the ending is so good, you kind of wish the beginning was a grabber as well.

  • It’s been on the radio a million times the last week or so, along with that Teddy Bears song. So far I like it. It doesn’t break any new ground, but I can live with that.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Heads up that Shins will be musical guest on SNL this weekend. Rumour has it that they will be performing New Slang, which means that Pinko Punko is expected to be in lemony on time for the performance. We can get Lucky Wah before the show starts.

  • Just got my tix for their Chicago show in February.

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