Level-The Raconteurs

What can I say, one of the few songs this year that for some reason I’m happy to come on the radio. I think it is the creepo synthy opening and the thumpa thumpa before the wah wah. Then some other stuff happens. And it doesn’t go on to long. Super awesome B+.

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  • I kinda prefer Brendan Benson’s solo stuff.

  • SEITZ!

    COME ON!

    For a 2.4 minute radio toss-off- it is pretty good.

    Judo chop!

  • Seems like it would be a pretty good driving song.

    I never heard it on the radio tho. Might be because I do not listen to the radio, as it sucks spoowads.

  • That is true, but I am compelled to listen to it in the car. This is when I have all my contact with that kind of stuff. Plus we have an old school and r/b station so they play Gap band. Hello!

  • A couple of years ago, the local modrock station acquired, as part of the deal, an Am affiliate. At first, they just simulcast the modrock, but that seemed pointless, so they let some local jocks program it super-heavy/death metal.

    They called it The Crusher. They didn’t bother with ads.

    It was great. Extreme, grinding, aggro metal over AM airwaves so sound quality was crap. Somehow, it worked.

    That was about the last time I listened to the airwaves.

  • I saw them do this live a couple weeks ago. (look at me, with the bragging and stuff) It was wonderful! And I don’t even really care for them (Jack Black scares me). But they put on a really great show.

  • Did I say Jack Black? I did, of course, mean Jack White.

  • Black, White, can’t we all just get along?

    It’s now on your head, PP. I burned 15 downloads at emusic for this swill, if it’s no good I shall unleash the emus of Hell upon you.

  • Oh TC, I just got the one song- how can you put so much pressure on me???

    What you should get from emusic:
    KING BISCUIT TIME (on cd it is only import, so a total deal)
    Peng (Stereolab)
    Beach House
    Mojave 3
    Camera Obscura
    El Perro de Mar
    Dirty on Purpose
    Chulahoma by the Black Keys

  • Any year now, dude.

  • I was waiting for your say so!

    Tomorrow is the special day.

  • I told you whenever, but whenever never came.

  • This reminds me of my favorite song “when you say its going to happen whenever, whenever exactly do you mean.”

  • Speaking of which, I made a great Smiths reference on that Althouse thread over at SN, and no one even commented on it, dammit.

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