Ray Ray Rain/Co-Coward-Bettie Serveert

1990s Dutch indie rocksters with the knack for getting no radio play and ruffy, scruffy, luminous singles. Bettie Serveert popped onto the 120 Minutes Axis of cool with 1992’s Palomine. Today’s songs are from their second and third albums, Lamprey and Dust Bunnies, respectively. If you only know Bettie Serveert from their having their later catalog shit on by Pitchfork, don’t even consider what those coked-out* out 20-year chunkwagons have to say, just consider these great, messy, wonderful songs. The second is a total heartbreaker.

Ray Ray Rain-Bettie Serveert

Co-coward-Bettie Serveert

5 Responses to “Ray Ray Rain/Co-Coward-Bettie Serveert”

  • Have you ever heard “Unsound” by Bettie Serveert? It’s a really awesome song.

    Lamprey is one of those albums I bought for one song, and I almost never listen to it. I really need to get my shit together.

  • I had RRR on a sampler and never even bothered to get the album, even though I love love love the song.

  • Have you guys heard Fergalicious by Fergie? It’s so awesome.

  • The asterisk of mystery!

    Let’s go see atonal thrash jazz tomorrow!

    Long live the sprawling guitar solo!

    May eternity be kind to the exclamation point!

  • What does that asterix mean? These songs are both great.

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