Another One Goes By – Mazarin

I’ve been pimping these guys for a while to no avail. I first saw Mazarin when they opened for Rogue Wave (along with Irving) at the Troubadour in Los Angeles about a year ago. I dug into some of their stuff, realized I liked it, then saw them again in Chicago at Schuba’s with about 90 of my closest friends.

The track selected is, in my opinion, the best track off of their 2005 album “We’re Already There”. It was the 36th best track of 2005 according to Darren Viola, and don’t fight me on that, because that dude has forgotten more about music than you or I will ever know. Some of you may know it as the last track off the latest Walkmen album “A Hundred Miles Off”. The Mazarin version is not only the original, but it’s better.

The thing is, don’t try looking for new stuff from these guys. Apparently there was some Long Island band called Mazarin that sued them and they decided to stop recording under that name. No word yet on what Quentin Stoltzfus will call the new version. It’s one of those bands that’s really one dude with some session musicians, and he gives the band a name instead of naming them after himself.

Similar to Earlimart, another personal favorite, this is a band that you have to listen to at about 100x normal volume to get an idea of what they sound like live. They are very loud. You’ll just have to listen to it to find out for yourself. Sorry, no video this time. They’re that freaking obscure.

PP adds: Song coming later when I can get into the 3B server.
Seitz adds: Don’t bother. We can use that embed thing that Plover used over at 3B. Check it:

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  • Chicago band?

    I like the Walkmen version. Maybe I’ll have to check this out. Sounds like I may like it- other than the vocals, sounds like it may be related to the Handsome Family early stuff.

    Incidentally, iTunes shows a 2006 release. Maybe after they stopped recording as Mazarin?

  • They’re a Philly band. I’m pretty sure they played as Mazarin until December of 2006. I saw them in December of 2005, and this album was current, I believe, at that time. Amazon lists it as July, 2005.

    Interviews here
    Pitchfork review here

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I do like this track alot. It reminds me of something else that I can’t put my finger on, but I remember liking. I think I might lump them in the Dios category, which is not only high praise, but also apt given the problems Dios had with their band name (I think they’re now Dios Malos).

  • This song is effing awesome. What the hell is wrong with me???? God damn.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I’ve only listened to this song like fifteen times today. Goddamn, it’s good.

    Seitz, why can’t you drop more bombs on us like that? Oh, I love Repoz’s list of top tracks. Some great stuff in there, and I’ll bet it is highly meh-depleted. It would have been lots of fun to listen to his top 60 list, but probably less fun to make fun of it.

  • Took you guys long enough.

    Just about every review or interview with this band/Quentin has made a point of singling out this song. It’s the best on the album, but the whole album is really good. My other favorites are “I’ll See You in the Evening”, “At 12 to 6”, and “For Energy Infinite”.

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