Post Rock Defends the Nation-Bon Savants

The final nail in my coffin of god damn obscurity and loserdom (no sillies! not having a blog, that was the penultimate nail). It was hearing about a band with a nice sounding song from TBogg. Yes, the BDSWLF known as TBogg. Like a particular Pink Floyd song+Interpol+Deadpanish Magnetic Fields, plus talking about post-rock, plus they are from Boston. I really, really am putting this one on UC. The depth of his hatred for me is unfathomable.

I think the song is pretty good. Maybe it will wear eventually, but I think it is worth a Song of the Day, listened to by noone!

2 Responses to “Post Rock Defends the Nation-Bon Savants”

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Best. Song. Every.

    More later to see if this is in fact true.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Ohh, I figured it out. It sounds a lot like the Delgados. A lot. But there isn’t boy/girl back-and-forth, it goes from one boy to another. The Delgadoness (AKA Delgodliness) is partly why I like it so much. But I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEEE the Delgados, and this isn’t quite as good just because Emma Pollock isn’t in their band, therefore at most they are like 0.8X Delgados. Which is still pretty damn good. That deduction is offset by the 1.125X bonus for all the Pink Floydiness, which means this song levels out at a nifty 5.0/5. Sweet song.

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