Same Old Drag – Apples in Stereo

Just saw these guys at Subterranean in Chicago, which is actually above ground. This is from the new album “New Magnetic Wonder” which was just released a couple of weeks ago. You can stream it at their website. It’s probably their best album, for my taste, since Tone Soul Evolution. I also think it’s kinda cool that they have some songs with Hilary Sidney on lead vocals, despite the fact that she’s not really in the band anymore, and she and Schneider are divorced.

I know you’ll be surprised, but Robert Schneider goes for a real departure here by using “ba-ba” style backing vocals and Beach Boys style harmonies. But I kid Robert Schneider. Also, there’s kind of a cool vocoder dealie on the album that isn’t on the video (it’s technically the next track, but it’s like thirty seconds long). Interestingly enough, the album is chock full of vocoder, but they didn’t use one in concert. Go figure. I was, however, impressed with their ability to re-create the feel of the backing vocals in concert. Usually the mics are all messed up and they don’t come through.

Anyway, enjoy.

5 Responses to “Same Old Drag – Apples in Stereo”

  • ELO filtered through nerd burger Sesame St. UC will love it. I want to kill myself.

  • Dear Pinko Punko, Don’t do it! This song should make you happy not sad!

  • I really thought UC would have chimed in by now.

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    I really want to listen and chime in. I’m in a no music zone right now, but will give it a listen when it’s safe. Oh, just wait. I can use headphones ….

  • The Uncanny Canadian

    Yeah, it is pretty good AiS. I haven’t really liked any of their music since Tone Soul Evolution. Parts of this song come across as even more Marbles than AiS, but it is classic E6. I think I like the video more than the song and I think I like the expositions more than the chorus. The chorus is too much of the same old drag and gets repetitive. Poor Pinko Punko. He just wasn’t made for these times.

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